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Seed to Skin

Paddock to Play

Belonging & Becoming







Wildest Dreams

Protégé x Minnie & Me Interiors

Introducing Wildest Dreams by Protégé x Minnie & Me Interiors 

Inspired by the golden reflection of the early morning sun that dances through the trees, while the bush birds sing. This playful and natural piece speaks to an unplugged childhood, pure and free. 

Available for pre order now, direct through Minnie & Me Interiors: 

- Arch decals - x5 sizes (Seen here is: L 190x90) 

- Wallpaper for full and half walls 

- Wallpaper for hacks, dollhouses and play kitchens 

- Wallpaper for Hide and Seek Kids Cubbies 

- Printed on PhotoTex

- Peel, stick and smooth

- Removable and reusable 

- Australian Made


Original artwork by Protégé and Heidi Lou Design


📷 @dayswithwildflowers 

Slow Fashion

We try our best to avoid waste on every level and are mindful of not creating an over supply of garments. Which is why we are conscious about how many pieces we produce per drop. You will see that many of our pieces are already sold out. Please contact us directly to arrange restock for the specific piece you would like to order. We anticipate that back order will take around 4-5 weeks. We hope you can understand our values and principals on waste and the importance of slowing down the fashion cycle.

Wear your values

We prepare to welcome you into our wardrobe, pure & minimal. A sun soaked colour pallet, epitomises Protégé as a home grown brand of Australia.


A true labour of love, a brand born from revolving ideas and dreams, of past experiences and an optimistic belief in tomorrow. As role models to our children, we as parents are responsible for weaving the threads of moral fibre into their lifestyle. 


We take a sustainable approach to meeting the common needs of all families, especially their young. Protégé produces a premium product that reflects the graceful resilience of our nation, our people and our children.


Protégé is committed to challenging everyday Australians who value looking good, doing good and feeling good, to invest in their own back yard, by supporting our Australian designed and made garments.


Discover our latest Spring Summer collection 'Wildest Dreams'.

Shop SS21

Become a Protégé Child

We are in search of boys & girls; Mini (age 6 months to 8 years), Junior (age 10 to 12 years) & Juvenile (14 to 16 years) brand ambassadors to represent our premier collection. 

Apply within via email.